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It's been awhile...

Recent events have inspired me to make a post here, and I have some good ideas in mind (Tess might be able to guess from a recent discussion we had). Just wanted some suggestions on self-photo-taking. I have an iSight on my laptop, and an analog SLR, and can't decide which of the two would be better. I might be able to get a friend of mine to take some pics for me, in which case my question is moot, but as it stands which do you think might work better, and what are some tips on taking photos of yourself?
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Given that most of the pictures I have posted on here I took myself, I suppose I can lend a few suggestions.

First, I have no idea what iSight or an analog SLR are, so I can't help you with that. Technologically savvy, I am not. I used a plain ol' Kodak CX7330 with a timer. Set that puppy up on a flat surface and take a test shot or two in order to determine if it's at the correct height and so you can tweak the lighting if you feel it necessary. Now, you have two choices. 1: Practice your pose first then set the timer. 2: Set the timer, run to your spot, then get your Vogue on. I did the second choice more often than not. It got me giggling when I'd flip back through them and see the not-so-great-no-BLEEPING-way-I'm-sharing-this pics. :)

Good luck and have fun!
Thanks for the tips :) I really hope this turns out well...I foresee a lot of the not-so-great-no-BLEEPING-way-I'm-sharing-this pics but hopefully there will be a couple goodies.
I don't know anything about the iSight, but I do know that taking self-portraits with an analog SLR is very time consuming and fiddly. I'd imagine the laptop camera would be easier to operate and thus less frustrating and less likely to ruin the 'mood'.

Other than that, I don't have a whole lot of advice except just to have fun... I tend to like photos that look more natural vs. posey, but that's personal preference, so what I like to do is just get into an activity and mostly pretend that the camera isn't there. But it all depends on your style! Getting into it and being unselfconsious are probably the most important things.
I'm wondering now if the iSight can take pictures at a regular interval, that could be really cool and more natural. Well, the iSight is just like a regular webcam except it is built into the top of the laptop screen. I think that might be my best bet now...
well, i'm sure you can get your iSight to take shots at an interval - which might be nice and easy WRT set-and-forget. i know it's completely distracting to feel like you're waiting for a shot. if you could set up a repeat shot with the iSight and know what the framing is, you could probably work with that.