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our plucky heroine


I don't have any photos to share (sorry guys!), but I do have a very excellent video that I thought some community members would appreciate. I think that this is a response to/parody of that "Satisfaction" video of women with power tools that went around a while back. This one focuses more on household items... and features gorgeous fat women. It's totally cheesy and and silly and fun and hot (especially the dark-skinned woman sitting on the washing machine... I liiiiike).

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HOTTTTTT! Thank you so much for sharing :D
Umm. Thats pretty hot.

I have to be alone now.
I'm ... mesmerized .. bouncy. Want to touch.
I keep watching this over and over again. SO HOTTTT!
I love it! I just posted some pictures on a washing machine...but it wasn't on. I think that would have been too distracting! :D