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Beauty in Diversity's Journal
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Date:2008-01-19 10:28
Subject:It's been awhile...
Mood: curious

Recent events have inspired me to make a post here, and I have some good ideas in mind (Tess might be able to guess from a recent discussion we had). Just wanted some suggestions on self-photo-taking. I have an iSight on my laptop, and an analog SLR, and can't decide which of the two would be better. I might be able to get a friend of mine to take some pics for me, in which case my question is moot, but as it stands which do you think might work better, and what are some tips on taking photos of yourself?

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Date:2007-08-20 14:15

Time to try and get the community moving again

I don't think these have been posted before so I'm going to put them up now. Let me know if they don't show up. They were taken a while ago but I've been playing with them a bit. There are a few more that could plausibly be added as well, but I need to think about whether they're within the guidelines of the community.

Pictures behind hereCollapse )

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Date:2006-11-24 01:15
Subject:not quite a real post...
Mood: flirty

...but I thought I'd post it anyway. I got into a discussion with a friend this evening about the turn-on factor of pigtails. So here's a sample!

pigtailsCollapse )

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Date:2006-11-20 01:56

I don't have any photos to share (sorry guys!), but I do have a very excellent video that I thought some community members would appreciate. I think that this is a response to/parody of that "Satisfaction" video of women with power tools that went around a while back. This one focuses more on household items... and features gorgeous fat women. It's totally cheesy and and silly and fun and hot (especially the dark-skinned woman sitting on the washing machine... I liiiiike).

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Date:2006-11-16 13:05

hey everyone....I'm sorry that I never quite got around to making my intro post, I've been crazy-busy lately.

I'm Jonah, 22, studying and working in Victoria. Some of you already know me...

I was fairly bored the other night, so I played with my webcam. I would definitely class these "worksafe"

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Date:2006-09-27 12:47

Doing my part to breathe life back into the community. . .

This is my first attempt at trying to be pretty since having my baby (it's been four months). The lighting is very dim, so bear with me. I did my best to lighten them without totally messing up the colors.

Candle lit bathCollapse )

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Date:2006-06-13 18:36
Subject:Thank Heaven for Little Girls!
Mood: happy dance!!

I wanted to share the happy news with you guys--


An erotic photography forum isn't really the place for it, so if you'd like details and pictures, feel free to hop on my journal and have a look at her.


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